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Large Format

Graphic Roll

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Ring Wire Binding Machine

ABL 500

Easy product loading

Mechanical cycles per hour:2,100

Pitch:3:1, 2:1

Binding thickness:15 mm

Binding element Ø:5,5 - 19 mm;3/16“ - 3/4“

Min. binding width:70 mm

Max. binding width:500 mm

Min. unbound edge:135 mm 

Max. unbound edge:700 mm 

Binding operation:Automatic

Time required for diameter change :20 min

Format change without diameter:3 min

Calendar hangers:Optional

Machine dimensions L x W x H:3,300 x 2,300 x 1,600 mm 

Machine weight:1,300 kg 

Machine packing dimensions L x W x H:Dependent on the configuration

Machine weight with packing:Dependent on the configuration

Compressed air:7.5 bar / 450 l/min

Power requirement:3/N/PE~400/230V 50Hz / 3.5kW;3/PE~200/115V 60Hz / 3.5kW