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Large Format

Graphic Roll

Excelam Q1670RS

Laser Cutter

MG380 Hybrid



Large Format

Graphic Roll

Display-64 combi

UV Inkjet 




Fast die changes

Compact simple design, one machine can punch and bind all jobs when using Renz MBS binding modules


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Punching Machine 

DTP 340 M

Punch a wide range of mixed stocks

Punching dies for all types of ring wire, plastic comb, coil and calendars

Mechanical cycles per hour:1,200

Min. punching width:10 mm

Max. punching width:340 mm

Min. unpunched length:40 mm

Max. unpunched length:800 mm

Max. punching thickness:3.5 mm (1)

Punching operation:Foot pedal

Punch dies available:3:1, 2:1 ring wire, calendar, coil, plastic comb

Die type:Standard

Selectable punch pins (QSA):Yes

Bespoke dies:No

Variable margin depth:Yes

Die changeover time:1 min

Machine dimensions L x W x H:360 x 490 x 250 mm

Machine weight:31 kg

Machine packing dimensions L x W x H:620 x 480 x 345 mm

Machine weight with packing:34.5 kg

Power requirement230/250V / 50 Hz / 250W;115/200V / 60 Hz / 250W